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This figure is the average electricity consumption of the electric vehicle you would like to compare to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Average wh/mile values for electric vehicles can be found at EV Database. This efficiency figure has been averaged over a wide range of conditions to ensure it is close to what can be achieved in normal use. You can also find likely best and worst case efficiency figures for each EV.

For older, or superseded models, please refer to the EV Database Archive

Fuel Economy

This figure is the average fuel consumption of the petrol or diesel you would like to compare to an electric vehicle.

Remember that a petrol or diesel vehicle is unlikely to achieve anywhere close to the manufacturer's test figures, which are determined under very specific controlled conditions.

Free Charging Percentage

If you receive free charging, perhaps at work, or from Solar PV Panels, set the percentage of charging you receive free here.

Then set your expected percentages of public and home charging on the paid charging slider.

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